Cheap Waikiki Hotels

Waikiki hotel prices range from less than $100 to more than $1,000 a night. What most visitors don’t realize is that you can get a comfortable hotel room with a view and still get that essential Waikiki experience for cheap.

Here are 5 cheap Waikiki hotels that have great value.

The Marina Tower Waikiki Maile Sky Court Stay Waikiki White Sands Hotel Ramada Plaza Waikiki
Avg Rate $120 $125 $115 $100 $110
Views A B D- F D+
Location B C B+ C B-
Beds B C+ D D B+

Average Nightly Rate

The rates for these rooms are usually under $120. If you see the hotel listed for more it’s usually overpriced or during a high demand period. Shop around for the cheapest Waikiki hotel.


It’s rare to pay a low price and get a great view. The two exceptions to the rule here are Marina Tower Waikiki and Maile Sky Court. Marina Tower Waikiki has amazing ocean views above the 28th floor and Maile Sky Court has great park views of Fort DeRussy although it’s pulled back from the beach a bit.


Waikiki stretches from East (Diamond Head) to West (Ala Moana). The east side is home to the best parts of Waikiki beach, restaurants, and shopping while the west side is close to the world famous Ala Moana mall, the marina, and the beach park. The closest hotel to the beach is Stay Waikiki and it’s located in central/east Waikiki, it’s our top pick for location.